CCAP of Wisconsin

The CCAP of Wisconsin has developed plans, provided useful interfaces and applications, and maintained support for the case management system for the state of Wisconsin. The CCAP of Wisconsin employs full and part-time employees, contract programmers, and has close to 3,000 users in locations throughout Wisconsin.

Support by CCAP

The CCAP boasts of the support staff that it employs and the training that the staff receives. The staff is cross-trained in all user support functions, CCAP applications, CCAP hardware and software repair and services, and other types of help desk support.

The CCAP of Wisconsin support team handles over 2,000 calls each month. These support calls are placed on the CCAP toll-free helpline. The CCAP of Wisconsin support staff provides on-site assistance by traveling to each county and conducting training and installing CCAP applications.

CCAP Applications

The different applications that are implemented in the case management system allow CCAP users to easily transmit and receive information between Wisconsin Justice Agencies.

One of the largest applications maintained through the clerks of the circuit court by using the CCAP of Wisconsin case management system is jury management. This allows the clerk’s offices to receive automated information through the Department of Motor Vehicle’s information database. The application for jury management automates every aspect of the jury process. This includes the following:

  • Entering names
  • Recording questionnaires
  • Selecting panels
  • Assigning individuals to cases
  • Paying jurors

Money that is received and owed to the Clerk of the Circuit Court is maintained using the financial management application. The clerks are required to receive money towards court cases for filing fees, court costs, fines, and other court matters that are processed by the clerk’s office. This application automates information for financial reports and bank statements.

The largest CCAP application is case management. The case management application is accessed by all users of the CCAP system and contains pertinent court case information such as calendars, court records, warrant lists, financial disclosure orders, court notices, and other court documents, images, and information needed for court case hearings.

CCAP of Wisconsin
CCAP of Wisconsin

CCAP History

The CCAP merger was formed in July 2001. The first two years of the implementation of the CCAP of Wisconsin was considered a pilot project in 4 counties. The CCAP has been working with several agencies with electronic transmittal of information well before the CCAP was formed. By creating the merger, the CCAP was able to combine support for the Wisconsin court system IT needs as well as providing automation for county trial courts.

CCAP Responsibilities

The Consolidated Court Automated Programs has a number of responsibilities to users of CCAP in the Wisconsin Court System, the general public, and the different justice and law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin. They are required to perform the responsibilities to encourage efficiency, satisfaction, and exude a high level of confidence with the Wisconsin Courts and Judicial System.

The CCAP accomplishes what is expected of them by performing the following duties:

  • Maintain data deemed as useful, reliable, and secured in a uniform manner.
  • Maintain data that is accessible to the courts and the public that is securely stored.
  • Maintain the hardware and software that supports the needs of the courts and the public.

Additional duties and responsibilities are added as necessary to ensure the program’s success.