CCAP Wisconsin Background Check

CCAP Wisconsin Background Check. There are a number of reasons a background check is performed on an individual. Likewise, there are certain methods that are in place for these background checks to be performed. They cannot be solely based on the use of the WCCA(Wisconsin Circuit Court Access). The Wisconsin Department of Justice has different departments within the agency that implements, manages, and processes the information for a Wisconsin Background Check.

What is a CCAP Wisconsin Background Check?

This type of background check is a criminal background check for the state of Wisconsin. It is based on information that is found from various courts and law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Wisconsin and uploaded to the Wisconsin CCAP Management System and the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Centralized Criminal History Database.

How is it Performed?

This can be performed by submitting fingerprints or submitting the individual’s name, race, sex, date of birth, and in some cases social security number. The CCAP Wisconsin Background Check verifies the information against the Central fingerprint-based criminal history repository for Wisconsin when the search is requested using fingerprints.

The Centralized Criminal History Database is similar to the Wisconsin Consolidated Court Automation Programs in the way information is obtained, maintained, and provided. The CCH database contains fingerprint-based information received from the courts, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. This information includes the following:

  • Court dispositions
  • Sentencing information
  • Detailed arrest information
  • Admissions and releases within the state correctional system
  • Arrest charges

Unlike the Wisconsin CCAP however, information can only be added to the database when it is accompanied by fingerprints. This system is used as a way to verify and confirm an individual’s criminal record.

CCAP Wisconsin Background Check
CCAP Wisconsin Background Check

Why is it Requested?

This information is often requested by employers and landlords. Other individuals may request a CCAP Wisconsin Background Check, but it is primarily used as a contingent of employment or renting a house or apartment. In most cases, the CCAP Wisconsin Background Check available to employers and landlords is name-based.

However, the use of a name-based background check is unreliable in comparison to a fingerprint-based check. A name-based search produces results based on non-unique information. This can cause a criminal record to be pulled up in error that does not belong to the person the search is being performed on.

What if it is Incorrect?

When a name-based background check pulls up inaccurate information for an individual, that individual has the right to challenge the criminal history section of the background check. This can be done by submitting a Wisconsin History Challenge Form. When a criminal history record has been challenged successfully by an individual, he or she is assigned a Wisconsin Unique Personal Identification Number by the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The PIN is similar to the PIN added to an individual’s credit bureau information due to identity theft. This can be used when a requestor submits a background check request and will be used to confirm any potential matching records found during the search.

Contact Information

If assistance is needed for the Criminal History search, you can contact the Criminal History Unit.

Criminal History Unit

Phone: 608-266-7314

Supervisors: 608-261-6267, 608-266-0872