CCAP Wisconsin Case Search

CCAP Wisconsin Case Search. In the state of Wisconsin, the public has access to court records according to the Wisconsin Open Records law and public policy. This provides the public with access to the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Wisconsin Circuit Courts case records through the Wisconsin Case Search Management System. The public can access these case records for a specified time period according to the guidelines put in effect by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

What is the CCAP?

The CCAP is short for Consolidated Court Automation Programs. This provides information for cases maintained and filed using the CCAP Wisconsin Case Search portal. This information is secured, managed, and promoted through the Wisconsin Court System. CCAP was created in 2001, by merging the Circuit Court Automation Program and the Office of Information Technology Services. It provides the combination of hardware, software, and technology into one program to access Wisconsin Supreme Court Cases, Court of Appeals cases, and Wisconsin Circuit Court Cases through one application.

Accessing Wisconsin Case Search

To access the CCAP Wisconsin Case Search portal, you will need to use the following link for Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Cases, and for Wisconsin Circuit Court Cases. Wisconsin Case Search information is uploaded to the WSCCA and the WCCA for public access every hour. Maintenance on these sites is performed periodically and maybe down every night from the hours of 3 a.m. until 4 a.m. while maintenance is being performed.

CCAP Wisconsin Case Search
CCAP Wisconsin Case Search

When you access the Wisconsin Case Search portal, whether it is through the WSCCA or WCCA, you can search statewide or countywide cases. The portal allows you to search by name, filing date, attorney name, court type, case status, district, date of birth, and/or case number. The WCCA is not responsible for information provided and maintained through the WSCCA and vice versa. The information that is provided is entered into the state court case management system by county court staff located in the county that the cases were originally filed.

The information that you can access through the CCAP Wisconsin Case Search Portal includes the following:

  • Status of a court case and court appeal
  • Case information including the District filed and the District handling the case.
  • Civil, traffic, criminal, bankruptcy, and family court cases.
  • Dispositions of court cases, court case documents, court events, and hearings.
  • Party information, case numbers, date filed, attorney information, and case history and summary page.

Contact Information for CCAP Assistance

The county clerk for each county is the official recordkeeper for the circuit court cases. Information not found on the WCCA may not have been uploaded by the originating county court staff. If you need additional information regarding court cases or need access to documents, you will need to contact the official recordkeeper where the case was filed.

If you have questions regarding the CCAP Wisconsin Case Search portal, you can contact the Consolidated Court Automation Programs Chief Information Officer, Jean Bousquet. The contact information is:

110 East Main Street Suite 500

Madison, WI 53703

Phone: 608-267-3728

Information that is accessed through the search portal is a summary of cases filed throughout the state of Wisconsin. Complete case information is available in the county that the case was filed.