CCAP Wisconsin Court Access

The CCAP Wisconsin Court Access has been available on the internet and servicing the public through the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access(WCCA) since April 1999, although its inception was in 1987. Two years later, the merger between the Circuit Court Automation Program and the Office of Technology Services was implemented to create the CCAP Wisconsin Court Access.

Using Court Access

To begin using the CCAP Court Access search portal you need to access the following link This link is available for use by attorneys, court staff, law enforcement, and the general public to search, access, and obtain information on cases filed in the Circuit Courts in Wisconsin.

Using the CCAP Wisconsin Court Access search portal allows users to not only search for cases but generate reports, access attorney calendar information, and perform docketed judgment search. There are navigation bars located at the top of the page that will give you access to the different functions and features available through the search portal.

Exploring the Functions

To perform a simple search, agree to the disclaimers and notices on the access to public records page. This will bring you to the default search page, the simple search. Enter either the party’s name, business name, or case number to access the court case records. Results will display after you select the search option. If you need to refine your search or narrow your search results, you can add additional search modifiers on the simple search page or the advanced search page.

CCAP Wisconsin Court Access
CCAP Wisconsin Court Access

Additional search modifiers include the following:

  • Date of birth
  • File date
  • Disposition date
  • Citation number
  • DA case number
  • Case types, status, and case number range
  • Class code
  • Offense date

Once you have found the case that you are looking for, click on the case hyperlink to view the case information in the system.

Information Available

After accessing the court record that you need you will be able to view detailed information about the case. This information will include the case title, the case number, charge information, court hearings and events, sentencing, charge type, attorney information, and financial information on the court case.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do dismissed or acquitted cases remain on the CCAP Wisconsin Court Access?

Cases that have been dismissed or have a disposition of acquitted remain on the CCAP Wisconsin Court Access case management system for 2 years. This is 2 years from the date the final order was entered for the case.

Who do I contact if the court record is inaccurate?

If you believe the information on a court case is incorrect and you are a party on the case, you will need to contact the Clerk of Court’s office in the county that the case originated. The clerk will advise you of the steps that you need to take to contest the information of the court case.

How do I obtain additional information or clarification about a case?

If the information that you need is not provided through the site, you will need to contact the Clerk of Circuit Court’s office. Clerk staff will be able to assist you with what you are looking for.