CCAP Wisconsin Search by Name

CCAP Wisconsin search by name option, allows users to search for WSCA and WCCA court cases by party’s first and last name, business name, and/or attorney name. You can also perform a wildcard search by entering at least 3 consecutive letters of a name followed by the asterisk symbol. There is also an option that allows you to include or exclude middle names.

Using the Name Search Feature

The name search feature is an easy way to find a court case filed in the Wisconsin Court Management System. These cases are uploaded using the Circuit Courts Automation Programs(CCAP) and maintained by the court case management system a unified system for the entire state of Wisconsin. The CCAP Wisconsin search by name feature can be accessed through a simple or advanced search performed on the search portal.

Party and business name searches can be conducted statewide and/or countywide.

Limiting a Wisconsin Case Search Results Page

When using the name search feature and applying the wildcard options, your search results page will yield a large number of cases. You can limit or narrow the information found on the search results page by entering in other search criteria, sorting the results page, or by using the advanced search option.

CCAP Wisconsin Search by Name
CCAP Wisconsin Search by Name

You have the option to enter the following additional search criteria to narrow down search results:

  • Case number
  • Date of birth
  • Case number range
  • Case type
  • Case status
  • Filing date
  • Middle name or initial
  • Citation number
  • Offense date

Accessing Case Records and Court Events

The information that you access through case records and court events may contain partial court case records. The information that is accessible to the public through the portal, is information that is provided by the court staff in the county that the case was created. The portal allows you to perform the following types of searches:

  • General information
  • Simple search
  • Advanced search
  • Judgment search
  • Calendar search
  • Reports selection search

From the search results page, you can select if you want to view open cases, closed cases, and/or both. You can also add information to the case name caption field to search cases that contain that information. If you performed a wildcard search you can add additional CCAP Wisconsin search by name information to minimize the results that are listed.

To access the case records, you will need to click on the corresponding case. This will bring you to the court case summary page for that case records. It will list all charges, the case type, the case caption including the county the case was filed, the filing date, and actions performed on the court record.

You have the option to view the court case history and details that are available through the online portal. This will give you information regarding the sentencing, disposition, fines, and the disposition date, along with the name of the court official that presided over the case. If the information that you are looking for is not provided you need to contact the county clerk’s office.