CCAP Wisconsin Search

How to Search CCAP Wisconsin on the Web

Court records in Wisconsin are now available to view on the world wide web. A quick ccap wisconsin search should give you what you need and information on a case you’ve been following.

How Do I Search for a Court Case Online?

If you’ve ever looked for a product or service on the internet then you’ll already have what you need to check for ccap records in the Wisconsin state.

The quickest way to do a ccap wisconsin search is to use your smartphone and enter ‘case search Wisconsin’ on Google’s search engine.

If you have an Android phone then it’s just a matter of opening a web browser app (probably Chrome), entering the keyword and pressing enter. You will be taken to the results page, and the link you want should be on the top.

For those who have an iPhone, it’s the same thing. Open a compatible browser (usually Safari), enter the keyword and wait for the results to show up. The first link should be a website that has a .gov on it, which means it’s the official source.

What is Wisconsin Court System Case Search?

The state of Wisconsin has a comprehensive online database for those who wish to look up records without having to go out of their homes.

CCAP Wisconsin Search
CCAP Wisconsin Search

The official Wisconsin Court System website will offer a case search and public access to Wisconsin court records, including circuit courts, Court of Appeals and the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

However, if you want to dive in the CCAP, or consolidated court automation programs then you should look for the words ‘CCAP’ in the Key Links.

The exact http address of the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access site is You can just copy and paste the URL to a browser and it will take you straight to the search engine.

How to Use CCAP Wisconsin Search

Once you arrive at the online ccap wisconsin search you’re presented with a variety of fields to fill up.

The online case search in Wisconsin allows individuals to enter their Last Name, First name and Middle Name of the party. You can tick the box that says ‘show parties without middle names’ for that specific purpose.

You will also need to enter the birth date in the MM/DD/YY format, which means you have to put in the month, date and year in that order. That field also gives you the option to search without birth dates, such as when you’re looking up a business court record. If this is the case then you’ll need to enter the Business Name.

Down below enter the County and the Case Number. Review the information before submitting the search. If you’re happy with the information then click on the blue ‘Search’ button.


Public access is always available for those who need ccap wisconsin search on the internet.

You can also avail of the various online services in the official Wisconsin Court System website, including eFiling, forms and checking Circuit court clerks and reserve judges.