Simple Case

Accessing Wisconsin court records is done through the WCCA online search portal. This search portal allows you to search for court cases that have been filed in the circuit courts throughout the state of Wisconsin. You have the ability to perform a simple case search, an advanced case search, and/or a judgment search.

Wisconsin Simple Case Search

When you choose to perform a Wisconsin simple case search, you are searching for court records using basic information. A simple case search will display broadened search results with the option of refining the search using a few additional pieces of search criteria.

A simple search is a search based on the following information:

  • First and last name
  • The case number
  • Statewide search
  • Business name

If you include a county search, date of birth search, and middle name search, you are able to narrow down your search results.

Accessing Simple Case Records

When you are accessing case records using the simple case search option, you will need to scroll through the search results to find the case that you are looking for. Using this option will allow you to access the same case information as an advanced case search, however, it may take you longer to locate the case records that you are looking for.

Using the simple case option does not guarantee that you will locate the most accurate case records unless you add the additional search criteria. In some circumstances, the additional criteria will not yield the most accurate results either. You may need to verify the information with the clerk of courts where the case was filed to confirm the information when accessing case records.

Simple Case
Simple Case

Information Provided With Simple Case Search

Once again you are able to access the same information that is provided when you perform any other type of search. The information that you will have access to include the following:

  • The case summary including the filing date, case type, case status, and DA case number(if applicable).
  • Charge information including a description of charges, severity, and disposition.
  • Defendant information including aliases, date of birth, gender, race, and address.
  • Activity performed on the case including the dates. This will include court hearings and the location of court hearings.
  • Court records include detailed notes of the events and hearings associated with the case.
  • Citation information includes the violation date, issuing agency, and the plaintiff agency.
  • The prosecuting agency, attorney, and responsible official for the case.

If you need additional information or copies of court records, you will need to contact the court where the case was filed. The court where the case was filed is found when you locate the case record that you are searching for.

Contacting the Courts

If you need to contact the courts, there is a court directory on the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website. This directory provides an alphabetical listing of all clerk of court locations in each county in Wisconsin, You can scroll through the directory or perform a search for the county by entering the name of the county in the search box. If you want to access that county’s website there is a link included in the directory.