Individuals that need to perform a search for court case records filed in the Wisconsin Court System are able to do this through the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Portal. The WCCAP search portal allows internet users to look up court case records. For individuals without access to the internet, you can visit the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Office near you and use a WCCAP public terminal.

What is WCCAP?

The WCCAP is the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Portal which is used to access court cases and find information or resources for understanding the court system. The WCCAP allows you to submit contact information if you have questions or concerns regarding court matters. If you are having technical problems with the WCCAP there is a link that will allow you to send a question or concern that is technical in nature.

Public records displayed on the WCCAP must comply with the Wisconsin Open Records Law. The Open Records Law was put in place to govern public policy on accessing government affairs information and records that are open to public inspection.

Understanding Information on the WCCAP

The information retrieved from the WCCAP portal is considered to be accurate information and the information is reflected accurately according to the WCCAP case management system. There are different case codes and types listed in the WCCAP. These abbreviations are used to explain case and charge types as well as provide further information about the court case records.


The most commonly seen codes on the WCCAP include the following:

  • CF-This indicates the case is a criminal felony case. This means that the charge can be subject to state prison and/or fines can be imposed.
  • CM- Indicates the case is a criminal misdemeanor charge where the punishment may include incarceration in county jail and/or fines.
  • CT- Criminal traffic charge a misdemeanor where it involves a motor vehicle.
  • CL- This is a construction lien when work is performed on a property yet payment was never received. This allows for a claim to be placed on a property.
  • CV- This indicates that this is a civil case. It usually references lawsuits exceeding $10,000 however, it can be applied to any civil case filed in the courts.
  • FO- this is a non-traffic ordinance violation. Meaning that the use of a motor vehicle was not involved.
  • FA- This refers to a family case filed in the courts. It is typically assigned to any type of case that involves an order having an effect on the family.
  • SC- This indicates a small claims case. The most common are evictions or lawsuits seeking less than $10,000.
  • PR- Formal probate cases, usually involving the settlement of small estates.
  • IP- This stands for an incarcerated person. It is applied to a case when a prisoner submits a petition for a case but does not prepay court costs.
  • CI- Commitment of an inmate. The refers to a person who is sexually violent.

The above abbreviation codes are the common codes viewed on the WCCAP. For a complete listing of the WCCAP codes, you will need to access the FAQ’s located on the WCCAP,