WI CCAP Wisconsin Circuit Court Access

Wisconsin Circuit Court Access allows the public, attorneys, and the courts to access information about circuit court cases filed in Wisconsin. The Director of State Courts and the WCCA Oversight Committee collaborate together in maintaining and updating the WI CCAP Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Management System. The WCCA Oversight Committee will make recommendations and the Director of State Courts will implement the recommendations.

Recent Changes

In March of 2018, changes were made to the WCCA website which affects the way certain information is displayed, specifically case display and charge modifier. These changes are detailed and outlined in the Oversight Committee’s final report and action plan. This is accessible to the general public through the WI CCAP Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website.

Here is a highlight of the changes that were made:

  • There were changes to the display period of felony and misdemeanor cases that reflect a disposition of dismissed or acquitted are displayed for 2 years according to the entry of the final order of the case.
  • Dismissed or denied injunctions for domestic and child abuse, harassment, and individual at risk display for 2 years after a final order has been entered.
  • For traffic and non-traffic ordinance violation with acquitted or dismissed on the charge disposition, the case will be on display for 2 years after the final order entry.
  • Small claims stipulated dismissals display for 2 years from the final entry.
  • The placement of charge modifiers will show on the executive summary for each case.
  • Modifiers will be displayed on the case summary below the charge with a line labeled “Modifiers.”

Despite the above changes being implemented, the cases are accessible in the clerk’s office until the expiration of the retention period.

WI CCAP Wisconsin Circuit Court Access
WI CCAP Wisconsin Circuit Court Access

Accessing the Search Portal

To access the search portal for WI CCAP Wisconsin Circuit Court Access use the following link https://wcca.wicourts.gov/faq.html. The search portal is not to be used in substitution or in lieu of obtaining a background check from the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The cases on display through the WCCA are for public inspection in accordance with the Wisconsin Open Records Law.

When accessing the portal for case records where you are listed as a party on the case, you have the right to request that erroneous records are corrected. There is an Error Correction Request Form on the website that you or your attorney can submit. You need to make corrections requests in writing to the county where the case was filed.

If the information is regarding sentencing, court activity, and/or satisfying judgments, you will need to file a formal court hearing. Clerks of the circuit court are unable to correct this type of information, instead, it would need to go through the circuit court judge.

Questions and Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about the case or other court activities, you will need to contact the clerk of the circuit court office in the county where the case originated. If you have questions or concerns regarding the website, you will need to contact the Consolidated Court Automation Programs. You can use the Contact Us form on the website or you can call 608-267-3728.