WI Courts

The WI Courts have a statewide system that provides resources accessible to the public through their website. This allows the general public to search for cases filed in WI Courts and understand the process of how the Wisconsin Court System works.

Navigating Through Wisconsin Court System Website

The WI Courts website can be accessed through the following link https://www.wicourts.gov/. Through this link, individuals will find hyperlinks to learn about the courts, find information on news and events, search for cases filed in any Wisconsin court, and find forms that are used in the court system.

The website offers self-help resources for individuals who are representing themselves through various court matters. Some of these court matters include the following:

  • Name changes
  • Divorces
  • Small claims
  • Probate

There is a link to learn about the WI courts procedures and how the court system works along with information on how to represent yourself, what to expect when going to court, and when you should seek legal assistance for court matters. If you need help filling out forms and filing forms, the site is designed to assist you with this.

According to the WI Courts, when you decide to represent yourself in the court system, you must adhere to the same standards and rules that an attorney in the courtroom would follow. This means that if you fail to comply with the rules, the court has the right to impose penalties against you as if you were a lawyer.

WI Courts
WI Courts

Here are some tips to help you represent yourself with matters in WI courts:

  • Make sure that you do the research before going to court. This includes filing the proper paperwork, understanding the legal process, and doing your homework.
  • Show up on time for your court hearings
  • Dress in a professional manner and act accordingly
  • Respect and obey the courts
  • Conduct yourself professionally. This means no profanity, avoid arguing, do not interrupt any member of the court staff, and remember to address the judge as Your Honor.
  • Keep a file to hold all documents related to your court hearings.

Director of State Courts

The Director of State Courts is responsible for overseeing and managing the WI Courts system. This includes following the direction of the chief justice and doing the following tasks:

  • Maintaining the Wisconsin statewide computer system
  • Maintaining a judicial budget in excess of $1,000,000.
  • Educating and securing ongoing education for judges

The Director for the Director of State Courts Office is located in Madison, WI. There are nine offices throughout the state of Wisconsin with administrators and their staff that is responsible for the management of the courts for a specific county or counties.

Office of Operations for WI Courts

The Office of Court Operations provides the Wisconsin Court System with assistance with matters of a technical nature. This would include the following:

  • Statistical information
  • Records management
  • Policy analysis and budget
  • Research court management concerns and issues
  • Automation of court systems and case records

The Office of Court Operations is located in Madison, WI, and is managed by the Deputy Director of State Courts.