WI Efiling

The WI Efiling system is designed for circuit court cases, small claims cases, and Appellate cases filed in the state of Wisconsin. For small claims court cases using the WI Efiling system, you should create a filing agent eCourt account. The steps for creating a filing agent account can be found on the eCourt website.

Filing Agent eCourt Account

A filing agent is an individual that is not a lawyer filing a case on behalf of a business or corporation in a small claims court case. When registering for a WI Efiling eCourt account you will register the account in your name. However, when you are filing the case in the WI Efiling system, you will list the business or corporation as the plaintiff or defendant for the case.

The process that you must complete when you select filing agent as the user type for creating your eCourt account is what you would follow for opening any ecourt WI Efiling account. You will have to create a username and password as well as provide contact information for you to receive efile update notifications and for other important communication needs.

You will need to set up account recovery information, this includes setting up account recovery security questions. Once you have entered all the information to set your account up, you will need to confirm your account.

Confirmation WI Efiling Account Creation

The confirmation of your WI Efiling account is sent to the email address that you registered with. You will need to verify your account by using the link provided in the email sent to you. You will also have your username and PIN sent to you in the confirmation email. Write this information down in a safe place after you have confirmed your eCourt account. You will need to use your PIN when you are filing cases through eCourt and when using other eCourt websites.

WI Efiling
WI Efiling

Assistance With Filing Agent eCourt Account

If you forget your password, lose your PIN information, or simply can’t log in to your eCourt account, there is a link located on the login page of the eCourt web portal that will guide you to accessing your account. It is recommended that you update your filing agent eCourt account on a regular basis. There is a link for updating your account located on the eCourt login page as well.

After clicking on the update account link you will be able to update the following information on your WI Efiling account:

  • User information
  • Address
  • Security questions
  • Password
  • User preferences

Every section that you update on your account requires you to save the updates that are made by clicking on the Save Changes button. After you have successfully created and confirmed your eCourt account, you will be able to log into your account and begin filing cases, opting-in to your cases, uploading documents, and more. If you have questions regarding your eCourt account, you can contact the support call center or the clerk of courts in the county that the court case is considered to be filed in.