WI Public Records

Accessing WI Public Records can be performed in a number of different ways. The most important part of accessing the records is that the process complies with the WI Public Records Law(s). The law(s) regulate what type of public records are available to the public and how you can access the records.

Locating WI Public Records

There is a difference between checking for public records and wanting a background check. A criminal background check is all-inclusive of information including court information, arrest information, and other information reported by government agencies throughout the state of Wisconsin. Both searches can be performed online by using the online records check portal found at the following link https://recordcheck.doj.wi.gov/. You can also use https://wcca.wicourts.gov/ to search for court cases that are available per the Wisconsin Public Records Law.

If you are looking for a more extensive public records report you will need to submit a request for a background check. The purpose of the public records law is to provide the public with access to information as part of their right to inspect all records aside from the court records that are considered to be exempt or unavailable to the public.

Information Obtained Through WI Public Records

The information that you will find when you request a WI Public Records Report is information provided by the different agencies and police departments that submit the information to the Wisconsin CIB(Criminal Investigation Bureau). The Centralized Criminal History Database(CCH), is the database that contains information provided by law enforcement, courts, prosecutors, and the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

WI Public Records
WI Public Records

The information will include the following:

  • Arrests date, time, and bond information
  • Court appearances, details of charges including dispositions and sentencing
  • Warrant information
  • Pending charges
  • Vital record information including birth, death, and marriage records

There are a number of variations of Wisconsin Public Records that can be accessed by the public. This includes land, tax, and deed information. However, the majority of the requests submitted for public records are inquiring about Criminal Wisconsin Public Records. These records are usually requested by either an employer, landlord, or individual requesting their own record. Not all information that is found on the Statewide Public Records check can be deemed as accurate. Therefore any information contained in the reports needs to be verified through the clerk of the courts where the case was filed.

Questions About WI Public Records

If you have questions regarding the technical use of the Wisconsin Public Records portal you will need to contact the criminal history unit or the criminal history unit supervisors located with the Department of Justice in Wisconsin.

If you have questions or need assistance with the court or arrest records, or you need to dispute any information contained in the report, you will need to contact the clerk of the courts where the case was filed. You can also access the Wisconsin Law Library and the Wisconsin Case Search Access portal to look for answers to your questions. You can also send emails to the court clerks and the CBI office for assistance.