The wicourts.gov website provides the general public with access to a number of online services for Wisconsin Circuit Courts. This access includes the ability to file cases online, view cases online, and research information regarding court proceedings. When using wicourts.gov, you will be able to perform functions for the Wisconsin Court System.

What is wicourts.gov

Wicourts.gov is the website for the Wisconsin Court System. This website allows individuals to access forms and other information needed for e-filing court cases, researching court cases, and using the self-help law center.

The wicourts website provides information such as publications and guides, that can be used to assist individuals with filing cases and filling out forms through the Wisconsin Court System.

Using the Wicourts Website

When you first access the website through the following link https://www.wicourts.gov/, you will find tabs located at the top of the web page. These tabs are labeled to direct you through using the website. You have the option to learn about the court system, perform a case search, access online services, use the e-filing services, and search for publications. If you click on the tabs you will access a dropdown menu for items and actions that can be performed under each tab.

The wicourts website provides you with a clear overview of the way the Wisconsin court system works, including what each court in the court system is responsible for. If you wish to access the overview of the Wisconsin Court System using wicourts, You will need to click the About tab and click on overview of the court system. This will show you how cases move through the different courts and a detailed description of each court in the Wisconsin Court System.


What is Accessible Through wicourts.gov

There are a number of actions and services that are accessible through the wicourts website. This includes information on how cases move through the court system, how to use the self-help law center, the process of e-filing court cases, using the forms and the forms assistance programs, and guides instructing you how to complete the court forms that are available through the website.

You can access all forms that are necessary for filing a case through the Wisconsin Court System. You can even access packets of forms that are used when filing different types of cases with wicourts.

Other services and actions that are accessible through wicourts include:

  • The option to pay fees and fines online.
  • The Wisconsin State Law Library
  • Complaints and grievances
  • Lawyer regulation
  • Protection of information services
  • ADA policies and procedures
  • Self-help law center

Help With the Wicourts Website

If you need help navigating the wicourts website, at the top of the page is a tab for How Do I? This tab has a dropdown menu that lists the most common things that people ask how to do. Below the How Do I option, there s a search icon. This search icon allows you to type in or ask what you need or want to access. There is also a contact us link at the bottom of the page that can provide you with additional assistance for using wicourts.