Wisconsin Bar Application

If you wish to practice law in the state of Wisconsin, the resources you will need to practice law can be found using the following link https://www.wicourts.gov/services/attorney/bar.htm. This link provides you with the information for completing a Wisconsin Bar application and what you need for admission to the Wisconsin Bar. The first step in the process is being admitted to the Supreme Court, this is a requirement to practice law in the State of Wisconsin.

About the Bar Application

The Wisconsin Bar application is completed online through the following link https://www.wicourts.gov/services/attorney/ecourts.htm. You will need to create an account through e-courts if you don’t already have an account. The 14-page online application is available through the e-courts link and provides 3 different ways to apply. This application is necessary to be admitted to the Wisconsin Bar.

Completing an Application

Completing the Wisconsin Bar application can be done through Diploma Privilege, admission on proof of practice, and taking the Wisconsin Bar exam. The details and instructions for completing the Wisconsin Bar application based on these qualifications can be found under Admission to the practice of law in Wisconsin.

Using the Resources for Admission to the Bar

If you have questions about the application or you unsure of how to fill it out, there is a sample affidavit and application available through the online resources. The application consists of 14 pages and it needs to be completely filled out. You can also find more information through the online admissions site, this includes information on how, when, and where you can take the bar exam and complete the application.

There are continuing education links that can be found through online resources. This link provides detailed information concerning the continuing education requirements and how to go about completing them.

Wisconsin Bar Application
Wisconsin Bar Application

Admission Process

The admission process to the Wisconsin Bar consists of a number of procedures, in addition to admission to the Supreme Court. A lawyer licensed in the state of Wisconsin needs to join the State Bar of Wisconsin by completing the Wisconsin Bar Application. Before a lawyer can practice law in Wisconsin he or she must complete an evaluation performed by the Board of Bar Examiners(BBE). The BBE is an 11-person panel that is appointed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The areas that are evaluated include:

  • Skills
  • Character
  • Fitness

Admissions to the State Bar of Wisconsin are not optional. If you hold a Wisconsin law license it is a requirement mandated by the Supreme Court to practice law in the state of Wisconsin.

Help With The Bar Application

If you need help with the Wisconsin Bar Application, you have a number of ways to receive assistance. You can use the FAQs found on the e-courts website, you can read the instructions and guides located under each way to apply for admission, or you can contact the Board of Bar Examiners. The contact information for the Board of Bar Examiners is listed below:

Board of Bar Examiners

110 East Main Street Suite 715

Po Box 2748

Madison, WI 53701

Phone: 608-266-9760

Fax: 608-266-1196

Email: bbe@wicourts.gov