Wisconsin CCAP and Forms

There are a number of forms used by Wisconsin circuit courts for various types of court case hearings and proceedings. To file a petition, obtain court documents, modify court-imposed sentences, and/or request hearings an individual or their attorney would need to the Wisconsin CCAP and Forms page using the following link https://www.wicourts.gov/forms1/index.htm. This link will give you access to all the forms used by the Wisconsin Circuit Court System

Using Wisconsin CCAP and Forms Request Link

When you access the link for Wisconsin CCAP and Forms for circuit courts, you will have the option to select what type of forms you are looking for. The forms are divided into the following categories:

  • Circuit Court Forms
  • Court of Appeals Forms
  • Office of Lawyer Regulation Forms

Once you click on a category from above, you will have the options to select from sub-categories within the main ones. Under the Circuit Court Wisconsin CCAP and Forms link, you can select from the additional categories listed below:

  • General
  • Civil
  • Criminal
  • Guardianship
  • Conservatorship
  • Family
  • Juvenile
  • Mental commitments
  • Self-representation
  • Probate
  • Small claims

You can also access the hyperlink to the forms above by using this linkĀ https://www.wicourts.gov/forms1/circuit/index.htm. This will also allow you to search for forms and lookup forms by index and updates. Through the index hyperlink, you can access a PDF index of all the Clerk of the Circuit Court forms. The index will give you the following information for circuit court forms:

Wisconsin CCAP and Forms
Wisconsin CCAP and Forms
  • The form number
  • The date the form was revised.
  • The name of the form
  • The category of the form
  • The statute(if any) for the form.
  • The purpose of the form.

You have the option to view the forms in other languages and/or using one of the following programs, Microsoft Word 97, Word 2000, or Adobe Acrobat Reader, depending on the format that the documents are in. After accessing the form that you need, you have the option to save the form, download the form, or print the form out.

Court Forms Assistance

Through the eFile/eCourt link you will find assistance with filing a restraining order, filing a small claims case, and/or filing for divorce or legal separation. The site is intended for individuals that do not have legal representation and need assistance filling out the forms. Once you click on the link to start a form you will be redirected to the interview toolbar. This toolbar will guide you through each section of the form and will ask you questions to help you fill out the form. If you need help with navigating through the HotDocs Interview, you can click on the question mark on the navigation toolbar to access the HotDocs Interview help and support.

Contacting Support

If you need assistance with the forms or the content within the forms, or if you have any questions of this nature, you can use this link https://www.wicourts.gov/forms1/rmccontact.htm to send a message to the Wisconsin Court Records Management Committee. You will need to include your contact information, the subject of your concern or question, and information about your question or concern. After you submit the form, the records management committee will be in touch with you.