Wisconsin CCAP App

The Wisconsin CCAP App is the access given to individuals to access Wisconsin court cases filed in the Wisconsin case management systems throughout Wisconsin. The CCAP App stands for the Wisconsin Consolidated Court Automation Programs case management system.

What Does The App Do?

The Wisconsin CCAP App is for providing the general public and other government agencies with information for cases filed in the circuit courts in the different counties of Wisconsin. These cases mirror the information for court case summaries that are found in the county circuit clerk’s office. The app can be accessed through a public terminal located in the county courthouse or by visiting the following link https://wcca.wicourts.gov/. Through this link, the public is able to access the information for various criminal, civil, probate, family, and traffic court cases.

How Does it Work?

The way it works is by access the Wisconsin CCAP App through the link mentioned above, and performing a case search. You would need to agree to the terms, conditions, and disclaimers that are displayed prior to displaying the case search page. Once the case search page is displayed you will enter the type of case search that you will perform whether it will be simple, advanced, or judgment case search on the Wisconsin CCAP App.

Wisconsin CCAP App
Wisconsin CCAP App

Once the type of search has been determined, you will need to enter the information that pertains to the court case that you are searching for. This would be information such as the name of the party or parties involved in the case, the name of the business involved in the case, the case number, or the attorney information for individuals listed as parties in the court case.

The purpose of the Wisconsin CCAP App is to provide automation with county trial courts. Automation within the courts provides easier access to case information within the Wisconsin Judicial System. This makes it easier for government agencies, the general public, and the circuit court staff to access court case files and court calendar information while maintaining smooth functioning within the court management system.

Information contained in the case management system is entered by the circuit court clerk’s office staff. This information is uploaded immediately to the WCCA, the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website. Through the site, anyone has access to information that is considered to be public information.

Circuit court software updates are performed on the site to help with changes in laws of the state and to add and update additional features that are being supported by the Wisconsin CCAP App.

Additional Information

If you are performing a search that does not locate information for court cases filed in Wisconsin. This does not mean that a court case does not exist, it means that it is not available on the WCCA. This could happen for several reasons and you would need to contact the recordkeeper for the case for more information. The record keeper of a case filed in the Wisconsin case management system in the county where the court case was originally filed.