Wisconsin CCAP Case Search

Wisconsin CCAP Case Search is the unified search portal for the State of Wisconsin and cases filed within the court system. This search portal allows the general public to find information filed in any of the 72 counties of Wisconsin. The information is uploaded by each county clerk, and county court staff in Wisconsin through the CCAP (Consolidated Courts Automation Programs) to be retrieved through the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access search portal.

How Case Search Works

The way the Case Search website works is through the collaboration of all county courts in the state of Wisconsin. Each county court has CCAP computers located throughout the courthouse that are used to access the internet, update and upload court records, access Wisconsin Courts Intranet, and provide access to court information to the public.

Any changes that are made to the Wisconsin CCAP Case Search web portal through WCCA are usually recommended by the Director of State Courts. These recommendations are then implemented by the WCCA Oversight Committee. Before gaining access to the portal, you are informed of these changes, and you are presented with a disclaimer regarding the use of the website. You must agree to the information that is presented to you before you can gain access to the Wisconsin CCAP Case Search web portal through the WCCA.

How to Access Case Search

To use the case search portal, you will need to use the following link https://wcca.wicourts.gov/. This link will provide you with access to the WCCA and allow you to search for cases filed in the WI Court System. The accuracy of the information entered in the search portal is based on what the county clerks have entered. They are the official recordkeepers of the court cases uploaded to the WCCA.

Wisconsin CCAP Case Search
Wisconsin CCAP Case Search

How to Use Case Search Portal

To use the case search portal, you would need to access the link previously provided, and click the “I Agree” hyperlink. This will bring you to the WCCA case search page. From this page, you can enter information to find a court case or court case records. The Wisconsin CCAP Case Search allows you to search for cases on the portal using the name of the party involved, the name of the business on the case, the case number, and by selecting statewide search or selecting a specific county.

You have the option to use advanced search filters to narrow your search results. This allows you to locate the court case more efficiently. Additional case search options such as file date, disposition date, date of birth, citation number, offense date, class codes, and DA case number.

Correcting Information on WCCA

Once you have located the court case that you are looking for, you can click on the case to access the court summary and other information that has been entered into the system. If after reviewing information that you find on the WCCA, you find erroneous information you will need to contact the clerk’s office in the county that filed the case. A clerk can handle certain information, and other information would need to be reviewed by a judge. The Circuit Court Clerk would be able to assist you with this.