Wisconsin CCAP Search

Wisconsin CCAP search is done through the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access(WCCA) website. This allows the public to perform case searches and access case records in compliance with the Wisconsin Open Record Law.

How to Perform Case Search

Case information that is found while searching the WCCA is uploaded through the Wisconsin CCAP Search Management system. To perform a Wisconsin CCAP search, you need to access the WCCA website. Access to the website is done through the following link https://wcca.wicourts.gov/. Information obtained through this website is deemed as accurate information but not official or certified.

The information found on the WCCA website for a Wisconsin CCAP case search is entered into the circuit court case management system by the clerks of the circuit court in the filing county for the case. Information not found on the WCCA website may not be open to the public. Records that are considered confidential and inaccessible per the Wisconsin Open Records Law include:

  • Termination of parental rights
  • Adoptions
  • Juvenile delinquencies
  • Guardianship
  • Civil commitments

The Wisconsin CCAP Search Management System was not implemented simultaneously by each county’s court. Likewise, old cases were converted and the information provided was made at the discretion of each circuit court individually.

Accessing Information for Case Search

Accessing information for a case through the Wisconsin CCAP search can be performed by searching the case number, parties name on the case, and/or statewide or countywide. Case type information that is accessible is criminal, civil, traffic, probate, and family case records uploaded in the CCAP.

Wisconsin CCAP Search
Wisconsin CCAP Search

You are able to perform an advanced search to add modifiers to your search or refine your search. This includes adding information such as the DA number, the date the case was filed, the date of birth of the party on the case, citation number, and/or disposition date.

The official recordkeeper for the case information found through the WCCA is the circuit court in the county the case was filed in. The maintenance of changes, WCCA periodic maintenance, and the technical support for the WCCA is handled through the Wisconsin CCAP case search management system.

Questions Regarding CCAP Case Search

If there are questions or concerns while performing a Wisconsin CCAP Search on the WCCA website, you need to either contact the official recordkeeper of the case or the Wisconsin CCAP. The nature of your question or concern would determine the appropriate department that you should contact.

If the questions or concerns or technical in nature you should contact:

Consolidated Court Automation Programs

110 East Main St. Ste 500

Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Phone Number: 608-267-3728

If you have specific questions regarding a court case, accessing court case documents, or clarification of the information found through the WCCA website you would need to contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court for the county the case was filed in. The contact information for the court clerks can be found using the Clerk of Circuit Court contact directory. This is accessed through the following link https://www.wicourts.gov/contact/docs/clerks.pdf. It is a downloadable PDF directory that lists the court information in order by county.