Wisconsin CCAP

The Wisconsin CCAP (Consolidated Court Automation Programs) is responsible for maintaining the technical support for the Wisconsin Court System. The current Wisconsin CCAP department is a result of the merging of the Circuit Court Automation Program and the Office of Information Technology Services almost 20 years ago.

Responsibilities of Wisconsin CCAP

The responsibilities of the Wisconsin CCAP lies within every department of every Circuit Court in the State of Wisconsin. By working together with county court staff and the University of Wisconsin, the CCAP has designed applications for circuit court users.

These applications include the following:

  • Automatically capturing data on cases through the Court information repository
  • Providing case management software that integrates case files and court calendar information for easy access.
  • Financial management software for the purposes of maintaining and tracking any money received by circuit court clerks and any money owed by individuals in court cases.

This information is accessible to the state’s DA’s office and interfaces with the DA’s IT program. This allows exchanging of information electronically between the District Attorney’s case management system and the CCAP case management system. The provides the district attorney access to case information such as case activities and events and sentencing and disposition information for cases that are currently active.

Managing the CCAP

The Wisconsin CCAP is managed and maintained by the Consolidated Court Automation Programs and every circuit court in Wisconsin. There are CCAP computers located in the courts that provide the court staff with access to the tools and software needed to update and maintain circuit court records seamlessly.

Wisconsin CCAP
Wisconsin CCAP

To continuously manage the CCAP functions smoothly all of the support staff is cross-trained in every aspect of the CCAP. This has enabled the support staff to grow and provide effective assistance and support for hardware and software issues, services, and repairs.

Purpose of the CCAP

The purpose of the Wisconsin CCAP was to design a cost-effective way to use the resources. The CIrcuit Court Automation Program dates back to 1987 and was successful in county trial courts. By merging the previous CCAP and the Office of Information Technology Services, a unified court technology system was designed and is used statewide in Wisconsin.

The system is funded and initiated by the state to ensure an efficient and joint effort for maintaining responsibility by both the state and the county for the Wisconsin Court System. Through this unified system, the Wisconsin Court System has made it possible for the general public to access the information for circuit court cases filed in the circuit courts in the state of Wisconsin. This is done without the assistance of court staff and protects the security of certain court records while allowing anyone with internet access to obtain the information.

Contacting CCAP

The Chief Information Officer for the Wisconsin CCAP is Jean Bousquet. The contact information for the Consolidated Court Automation Program is:

Consolidated Court Automation Programs

110 East Main Street, Suite 500

Madison, WI 53703

Phone: 608-267-3728

Fax: 608-261-6655

All questions and concerns regarding the Wisconsin CCAP should be directed to the above contact information.