Wisconsin Court eFile

The Wisconsin court efile system is available through the eCourts website. This website allows users to create an account, log in to the efile system, file court cases, and access court documents found in any of the Wisconsin Circuit Courts.

Using Wisconsin Court eFile

When you use the eFile system, you are sending a PDF of the documents you are sending. Therefore, it is important that when sending documents through Wisconsin Court eFile you need to review what you are sending. You need to make sure that the documents that you are sending are clear and contain the same information that can be found on the original document. You also want to make sure that you are sending the documents in a format that is compatible with the efile system.

This means that most documents that you send should be sent using PDF or Microsoft Word. You have the option to use the search feature when uploading a PDF. This feature allows users to type what they are looking for in the text search field.

Services Available With the eCourts System

There are a number of services that are available with the eCourt eFile system. This includes the following services:

  • Paying court fees and fines
  • Using the online forms assistance service
  • Designating individuals to upload documents on your behalf
  • Receive notifications regarding cases filed through the Wisconsin Court eFile system.
  • Sign and notarize documents
  • File and view documents
  • File a satisfaction of judgment
  • Request a jury trial on existing cases
  • File an appellate case

Who Can Register With eCourts

Wisconsin Court eFile
Wisconsin Court eFile

The eCourt eFile System is accessed by registering for an eCourts account. The following individuals are authorized to register with eCourts:

  • Local government agency employees
  • Filing agents
  • Designated filers
  • Non-party filers
  • Self-represented parties
  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals
  • Legal secretaries

For a complete overview of what each type of user or filer is, you can view the information on the eCourts website. The access to case documents varies depending on the type of filer an individual is considered to be. However, most individuals are able to upload and file documents for a case filed through Wisconsin Court eFile.

Important Information

When using the efiling system to file court cases in the Wisconsin Circuit Court, there are a few things that you should know. Here are some of the things that you should know when filing a case through the eCourt eFile system:

  • The summons and complaint are sent as one PDF document.
  • An efiling party to a case must use the Wisconsin Court eFile system to file documents electronically. You can only provide paper documents in-person during court proceedings.
  • You should retain the originals of all documents, exhibits, and court forms that you file electronically. The courts may ask to inspect these items.
  • Cases filed by 11:59 p.m. are considered as being filed that day provided that a clerk accepts the documents or case. After midnight, the case is filed the next business day.
  • Filing is complete once payment is rendered. If you want to ensure that the case is considered filed on the day that you file the case you need to make sure to complete all transactions in a timely fashion.