Wisconsin Courts CCAP

Wisconsin Courts CCAP is the online case management system that provides information regarding Wisconsin Circuit Court cases. The exception is for cases filed in Milwaukee county. The information contained in the case management portal is accessible through the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA) link.

Wisconsin Courts CCAP

There are a number of ways to access the WCCA search portal. The following links can be used to give you access to the search portal: shttps://www.madisonpubliclibrary.org/resources/eresources/wisconsin-circuit-court-access-formerly-ccap https://wcca.wicourts.gov/. When you access the portal you will need to read over the notices, disclaimers, and policies for the Wisconsin Courts CCAP case management system. After reading over the information, you must click on the “I Agree” hyperlink to move forward.

There is a link listed on the page for data extraction for the WCCA through the REST subscription service. This is available to state agencies, non-state agencies, and paid subscribers. There is a link to contact the web administrator through the “Contact Us” form if you have trouble with the site or have questions regarding the site.

Notices Regarding Use of WCCA

The Wisconsin Courts CCAP case management system displays notices through the WCCA search portal regarding the use of the portal. There is a notice to employers that refusing to hire someone because of an arrest or conviction record not related to the job the applicant is applying for, is a violation of state law. The Wisconsin Courts CCAP is not required to make available on the WCCA all of the case information that is accessible to the public. Therefore, the information provided on the WCCA should not solely be relied upon for employment purposes.

Wisconsin Courts CCAP
Wisconsin Courts CCAP

If an individual feels that they have been discriminated against by a prospective employer, they have the right under the Civil Rights Law to file a complaint against that employer. There is a statute of limitations of 300 days to file a complaint. The time starts the day the individual is notified of the action. If there are further questions regarding this statute, you can contact the Division of Workplace Discrimination(DWD). The contact information for the DWD is:

DWD Madison Office Location

201 E Washington Ave Rm A100

Madison, WI 53703

Phone: 608-266-6860

Email: erinfo@dwd.wisconsin.gov

Hours: Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

WCCA Subscription Service

The WCCA subscription Service REST is accessed through eCourts annual subscription agreement with Wisconsin Courts CCAP. You would need to create an account through eCourts and pay for an annual subscription. WCCA Rest focuses on providing a user interface that meets the needs of a content-driven interface.

When you complete an agreement form to access the WCCA REST subscription service, you need to read the agreement in its entirety before signing the agreement. Accessing the WCCA REST service does not provide the subscriber with court records not open to the public. Information that is obtained from the WCCA site is not to be redistributed and access information is not to be shared with any other person or entity.

If you need more information or have questions about the WCCA REST subscription service, you can send an email to WCCAREST@wicourts.gov.