Wisconsin Divorce Forms

When you file for divorce in the state of Wisconsin, there are a number of forms that may need to be completed when the divorce is filed and finalized. These Wisconsin Divorce Forms can be found on the e-file portal or the self-help law center under post-judgment and pre-judgment. These forms may include financial disclosures, custody agreements, parenting plans, temporary order forms, and other forms necessary when filing for divorce.

Most Commonly Used Wisconsin Divorce Forms

There are a number of Wisconsin Divorce Forms that are barely used when going through divorce proceedings. Likewise, there are a number of forms that are consistently used when filing for divorce in Wisconsin.

Here are some of the most commonly used Wisconsin Divorce Forms:

  • Summons and Petition for Divorce/Legal Separation
  • Order to Appear
  • Order to Show Cause
  • Marital Settlement Agreement With Minor Children/ Without Minor Children
  • Proposed Parenting Plan
  • Order to Appear
  • Financial Disclosure Statement
  • Income and Expense Statement
  • Temporary Order With Minor Children/ Without Minor Children
  • Joint Petition With Minor Children/ Without Minor Children

These are not all the forms that can be filed in divorce proceedings. However, they are the most common Wisconsin Divorce Forms that are used. These forms include filing for divorce and determining how to share custody of any minor children involved in the divorce.

Accessing the Forms

These forms are accessible by visiting the self-help law center on the Wisconsin Courts website. Follow the link for Family Law forms and you will see the entire list of Wisconsin Divorce Forms that can be used when filing for divorce. These forms can be printed, downloaded, or saved directly to your computer or laptop in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

Wisconsin Divorce Forms
Wisconsin Divorce Forms

Completing the Forms

When completing the forms, you need to make sure that you are keeping any original documents in your possession. Some of the forms require you to provide copies to the other party in the case. Some of the forms are part of packets that need to be completed and delivered to the other party, while other forms are simply part of the court proceedings.

Assistance Completing the Forms

There are several ways to receive assistance when completing the forms. If the form is included with a packet of other forms, you will find instructions or a guide included in the packet to help complete the forms. You can also click on the Family Law Assistance link that will take you through each question of the form as well as ask you questions related to the forms.

You can also contact a family law attorney to guide you with the legalities involved in filling these forms out. The self-help law center is designed to provide you with some of the answers that you may need when filing for divorce.

You may also find assistance by using the Wisconsin Law Library search portal to help fill out the forms. If you still need assistance you can contact the clerk of courts to direct you to the right area to locate the assistance needed.