Wisconsin Efile

The Wisconsin Efile eCourt system allows individuals to Opt-in as an electronic party on an Efiled case. Before you can opt-in as an electronic party, you will need to create an eCourt account. After you have created a Wisconsin Efile eCourt account, you will have the option to opt-in as an electronic party to a court case.

Using the Wisconsin Efile System

The Wisconsin Efile system is easy to use when you want to file a new case. If you have an eCourt account you can log into your account to view the step-by-step wizard for filing a new case in the Wisconsin Efile system. Select the county that you will file from, the class code, and add the parties to the new case.

When adding a party to a Wisconsin Efile case you will need to select the party type and complete the contact information for the party including name, address, and phone number. Select save and add party once you have entered all the information in the system. You must repeat these steps with each party that you add.

Wisconsin Efile
Wisconsin Efile

Once you have added all the parties to the system, you can begin adding and uploading documents. You will need to indicate the document type and the title of the document when uploading a document. After you have provided all necessary information including selecting the county to file in, uploading the documents, adding the parties, and you have reviewed all information, you can get ready to file your new Wisconsin Efile case.

When you are ready to file your new case, choose which information you will be filing on the ready to file page. If you wish to submit all filings in a county, select the name of the county rather than each filing. You will be prompted to select and enter a payment type and then file and pay for your new Wisconsin Efile case.

Understanding File Prep and How it Works

File prep is designed for paralegals, legal secretaries, and government staff that are given access to file prep by more than one attorney for their own eCourt account. File prep allows the individuals previously mentioned to file new case filings or prepare case filings on existing cases filed on the Wisconsin Efile system. You have the authority to view information on existing cases and make modifications to these existing cases. For step-by-step instructions, you will need to access the File Prep user guide located on the eCourt website.

The process to Withdraw From a Case

As an attorney, you have the right to withdraw from an efiled case. This can be done by efiling the motion to withdraw as counsel. You will need to log into your eCourt account and upload the form to the case that you wish to withdraw from. The Clerk of Court will process the motion to withdraw as counsel and then notify all parties involved when this has been completed. The notification can be viewed through your eCourt account for up to 30 calendar days. If you wish to view and print the document you must do so within the 30-day timeframe.