Wisconsin efiling

The Wisconsin eFiling system is an easy way to make sure that cases are filed and documents are uploaded to cases in a timely manner. Attorneys have the option to utilize their staff to make sure that case documents are uploaded to the Wisconsin efiling and the eCourts system. The Circuit Courts in Wisconsin began this process in 2016 and by 2019, the Appellate Courts have followed suit to participate in the Wisconsin efiling system. The efiling process has been mandatory for attorneys since 2009.

Certain expansions have been created throughout the years to allow most documents and case filings in the Wisconsin Judicial System to be efiled.

Minimum Requirements for Wisconsin efiling

The minimum requirements for Wisconsin efiling are divided into different segments. One of the most important segments is the technical requirements for the eCourts and efiling system. Here is an overview of what the technical requirements are:

  • Internet access so that you can access the eCourts website. It is recommended that you use a high-speed internet connection to log in to the eCourts system.
  • An updated web browser that is compatible with eCourts. This includes Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Antivirus software because you will be dealing with sensitive information that you want to protect from exposure to malware and viruses.
  • A scanner/printer is needed to upload and convert documents to PDF.
  • An active email account is necessary when you register for eCourts. The notifications from eCourts are sent to your email address and contain important information regarding your case(s)
  • You will need PDF software and/or Microsoft Word 2007 or newer to upload your documents to the eCourts system.
  • The most important requirement is to have an eCourts account. Registration is easy and can be done online.
Wisconsin efiling
Wisconsin efiling

Understanding Your Options

The general public is given options that can be done through online services and through eCourts. This will save you time from going to the courthouse and file new cases and documents into existing cases in an expedited manner. The online services allow you to access the self-help law center and the Wisconsin State Law Library. These two options can assist you with filing cases and documents through the Wisconsin efiling system.

When filing documents and cases into eCourts, you are able to serve other parties of the case electronically, if they have opted in. You have the option to opt-in electronic filing of documents if you are a party to a court case.

Additional Information About Wisconsin efiling

There are certain rules and requirements for using the eCourts efiling system. The information on what these rules and requirements are can be found on the eCourts website. The process for Circuit Court cases and Appellate cases are detailed on the eCourts website and can be accessed by clicking on the Circuit Court or Appellate Court links.

Each link will provide you with information regarding the rules and requirements and how to use the eCourt system for those specific types of court cases. If you have questions regarding the Wisconsin efiling system, you can contact support for eCourts.